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Tutorjeh is a unique live tutoring platform to land in Beirut, Lebanon. Our team works hard to ensure high grades and distinctions for our beloved students. We promise a 100% success rate when it comes to passing your tests. We also guarantee that our students fully understand the topics they are having troubles with.  

Time is valuable

We and you know that time is a valuable asset. What are you waiting for ? We know what it’s like to have an exam after 24 hours and not understand a single word what the course is talking about. That’s where we come in. Our tutors are so experienced that we know which points to focus on. 

All University Courses

Yes you heard it well. We’ve got a variety of tutors that tutor all courses given at AUB, LAU, USJ, NDU, etc. Whether it is your math course you’re having troubles with, or that Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Engineering, Finance, Economics, Business, Political Sciences course..We’ve got you covered with the best tutors in Lebanon.

All High School Subjects

We are also known for serving high school students with specialised tutors regarding subjects they need help with.

Kids Program

We love kids too. At Tutorjeh, we treat kids differently, i.e. special care and education should be delivered to your kid, dear parent. That’s why we have equipped our team with tutors that specialise in child tutoring.


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Tutorjeh is Lebanon's no.1 most efficient private tutoring company.


Our app promises 24/7 online chatting capabilities between students and tutors. 


You can now book a lesson anytime and anywhere.


You can now use our app to request any course you need help with.


Our team works hard to bring you the best digital performance to satisfy our students.

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